Hot Yemen – for lovers of Islamic exotic

Yemen is a tourist area that attracts visitors with beautiful landscapes and spectacular Islamic and pre -Islamic architecture. Its diverse territory is dotted with magnificent mountains, colorful valleys full of fruits, half -sucker plains and white sand beaches. The ancient country of Yemen is located in places where powerful civilizations once flourished and its historical attractions prove this.

The attractions of Yemen

The capital of modern Yemen is the city of Sana – an important artery between Adana and Mecca. Casr al-Silah citadel, located in the city, was built in the 7th, but today it can be recognized as a local celebrity. Other attractions of the city are: the Great Mosque, the National Museum, hidden in the Dar al-Shukri palace. 8 kilometers from the capital is a RADHA, the city became famous for the sweet grapes and a mosque built by the Great Ahmed Ibn al-Kasim.

In the south, the country of Yemen can show the city of TAZ, which combines modern architecture with ancient mosques, houses and powerful fortification walls dated 13th century. The most modern port of Yemen is the port of Hoodyid, located near the Red Sea and offering the richest fish market, and the most important educational institution is the Al-Hadi mosque, which operates in the city of Hydism (Zaydism). Full of attractions city-port of Aden, the oldest part of which is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is here that the oldest building of Yemen rises.

Yemen’s national cuisine

Muslim country Yemen does not shine with a special culinary variety. The main products are: rice, bread, vegetables, lamb and fish in coastal areas. Breakfast and dinner usually consist of fried eggs with tomatoes or ful beans, served with lavash, and at lunch, Yemenets can enjoy chicken, lamb or beef mixed with raisins and nuts. Salta National Bounters is made of crushed meat, onions, tomato, eggs and various herbs. Tea or coffee are attributes of any meal.

The weather of Yemen

High humidity and heat are the main features of the climate of this region of the Middle East. The country Yemen offers such average monthly readings of the thermometer:

In January: 10-20 degrees;

In February: 15-25 degrees;

In March: 20-30 degrees;

In April: 20-30 degrees;

from May to August: 25-35 degrees;

In September: 20-30 degrees;

In October-November: 15-25 degrees;

In December: 10-25 degrees.