How to correctly design the roof for the house

Tired of the bustle of a big city, from noisy house neighbors, I want a calm life in the fresh air. Then you need his own country house, probably everyone dreams of their own house, but not everyone has a means for this. Some of us having the necessary amount of money, do not know where to start. Of course, you need to start by buying a site for development, check the soil on which you will build. When the site was bought, proceed to the construction of the house, first lay the foundation, because it is the basis of the whole house. After the foundation is ready to start the construction of the walls, they can be made of brick, or wood, today there are many other materials, of course you have a choice. A two -story bathhouse will be located near the house, because which house without a bathhouse.

After the walls of the house are ready to start the roof – this is a very crucial stage of construction, because the roof protects your house from precipitation and cold. On how reliable it will depend on the whole house. When the roof is ready to insert windows and doors, today the choice of windows and doors is very large, you can easily be confused, in my opinion, it is best to put PVC windows, and doors made of natural wood. After the windows and doors are ready, you need to start finishing work, for this, make a project with a good designer, and then proceed to the internal work itself.