Briefly about Egypt

Egypt is currently one of the favorite countries. Despite the instability in the political situation, this country is invariably attracted to its ancient monuments, an interesting culture and the most important hotels. At the moment, in Egypt, cities are increasingly developing and rebuilding-resorts of Hurghada, Sharm esh-shih, etc.

There are a lot of magnificent monuments of architecture of the ancient world in this country. The most visited of them are: Pyramids in Giza, the oldest monuments and tombs of kings, medieval monuments.

On Egypt, the number of residents in Egypt (information 2009) 82, 999 million. The main part of the inhabitants are the Egyptians. They profess Sunni Islam.

Probably a tourist – a newcomer in Egypt without the ability to bargain to do nothing. Seeing a kind of “simplefille” merchants overstate the price at times. Do not forget about a huge number of pocket thieves, so you need to monitor the preservation of valuable things very carefully. Naturally, such a relationship to guests will invariably submit your vacation, but the warm waters of the Red and Mediterranean Sea will calm you down and set you up in a more pleasant way.

To solve some issues, you need to be on the alert and study habits and ways to deceive tourists, which will significantly simplify your journey.