How to choose a good dishwasher right. Which brand to choose a dishwasher

Nowadays, many people think about how to choose the right dishwasher, because it is she who becomes an indispensable assistant in the kitchen, riding us of spending time on manual washing of a large amount of dirty dishes.

In order to choose a good dishwasher, you must first pay attention to its parameters and volume. As a rule, the car should be selected based on the parameters of your kitchen or any other room in which it will subsequently be located. An important factor is also the number of daily dishes used in your house: this is what your future car should depend on this.

Further, understanding the question of which dishwasher to choose, you should pay attention to its consumption and energy consumption. The energy consumption of dishwashers is determined by classes indicated by Latin letters. The higher the class (a, b, c), the more economical the dishwasher.

Before choosing a dishwasher, it is extremely important to pay attention to the quality of washing, which directly depends on the number of water sprayers inside the machine. Remember: the more sprayers are built -in, the higher the quality of washing dishes in the car.

An important factor in the question of which brand to choose a dishwasher, plays the presence of sink modes. Some brands today have several modes of extremely convenient in operation at once: a mode for severe pollution, ordinary washing, soaking dishes, saving mode, fast washing, and so on. At the same time, some brands (usually the most inexpensive) are limited to one optimal wash of the dishes.

It is worth noting that many manufacturers improve models of dishwashers, adding various functions to their device, such as, for example, simultaneous washing of heavily contaminated heavy and fragile dishes. Of course, such functions only belong to the pluses for the dishwasher and can play one of the key roles in the selection process.

Hard water plays one of the most important roles in the process of washing dishes. As you know, the mud on the dishes is best laundered due to soft water, but from our pipes, as a rule, water comes exclusively tough. That is why, choosing a dishwasher, pay attention to the presence of an ion -exchange system, due to which hard water softens, passing through a special resin.

In the end, you should mention the flow of water with a dishwasher. Such a machine is connected directly to the water supply and can spend either hot or cold water, depending on its model. Cold and hot water have their pros and cons, based on which you should make your choice.

Cold water, according to manufacturers, is the least polluted than hot, however, it is a minus of an additional waste of energy of the dishwasher on cold water heated. Hot water, in turn, does not need heating, but its minus is the risk of disconnecting, which often occurs in our country. At such moments, the water will not enter the dishwasher, as a result of which contaminated dishes must be washed manually.

In the end, it is worth noting that it should be purchased by a dishwasher based on the convenience during operation and technical characteristics of the machine. It is not always a beautiful design of the machine that has high operational qualities, so when buying it is extremely important to consult with a specialist so as not to make a reckless choice.