The Kingdom of Belgium is the state of Europe

The Kingdom of Belgium is a state located in the western part of Europe. In the center of the kingdom is the capital of Belgium – the city of Brussels. State area – 30, 5 thousand. sq. km. Belgium is a small but densely populated country.

The attractions of the country of Belgium

Belgium is a country on the territory of which there are a large number of historical monuments and architectural structures that are scattered almost throughout the entire kingdom.

The kingdom is divided into two parts – Flanders and Wallonia. This means that the descendants of the Germanic tribes live on the Flemish part, and the descendants of the Latinians on Vallonitskaya live.

Acquaintance of tourists with this amazing country begins with the city – the capital of Brussels. The symbol of the city is rightfully considered the monument “Pissing Boy”, as well as the sculpture “Atomium”.

Not far from Brussels is the city of Gent. The main attraction of this city is the Cathedral of St. Bavo. When traveling around this amazing city, be sure to visit places such as: the ancient city center Viriyadmarkt, the Hoogport fortress, the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Michael, the Beginka monastery, as well as the castles of Count Philip and Gerard Devil.

The city of Bruges is not inferior in beauty. The city is also known by a different name, such as Northern Venice. Among the attractions of the city, its tower is distinguished, from where you can inspect the entire area.

No less famous is the city of Antwerp, in which the artist Peter Paul Rubens was born.

National dishes of Belgium

Four products that are a business card of Belgium are: waffles, chocolate, beer and potatoes of Frees. Traditional snacks are shrimp with tomatoes under mayonnaise. Belgians eat, usually three times a day. The most special meal for them is dinner. The first is usually served by soup, on the second – meat dishes, such as steak, bozenin, clipping, ham, rabbit, chicken.

National dishes are also considered: frying and raw mussels; eel with greens and vegetables; Stuffed Ardennean trout. Among desserts, the first place is undoubtedly occupied by chocolate. Solid forest nuts, banana, strawberries, rum are added to it. Also, in addition to chocolate in each region of Belgium, there is its own traditional dessert, so in Brussels it is Pollin, in Genta there are small dry cakes and waffles, in Bruges almond cakes and biscuit, in the dynan Biscuit “Cook”.

Climate Belgium

In Belgium, a humid climate with soft winter and cool summer. The minimum temperature in January is 1 degree, maximum + 4 degrees; In February min. 0, Max. + 7; In March min. + 2, Max. + 10; In April min. + 5, Max. + 14; In May min. + 8, Max. + 18; In June min. + 11, Max. + 22; In July min. + 12, Max. + 23; In August min. + 12, Max + 22; In September min. + 11, Max. + 21; In October min.   + 7, Max. + 15; In November min. + 3, Max. + 9; In December min. 0, Max. + 6