Laying tiles on the wall with your own hands

Self -laying of tiles will allow you not only to save a significant amount, but also to get the joy of the work done. The fact is that this is not such a complicated process, but many masters are either littered with orders, or simply will not agree to such a trifle, such as the decoration of your kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, consider how this can be done yourself.

The most important condition here is the smoothness of the surface on which we will lay the tile. Therefore, before starting to lay the material, it is necessary to plaster the surface, let it dry and then primed. It will not be superfluous to check the surface with the level, since then we can eliminate only small irregularities.

Before proceeding to laying tiles, you need to mark the wall. It is done with a pencil, level, and plumb. The lines drawn will help you navigate in the future. The lines begin to draw from the extreme vertical and horizontal series. This will tell you how the tile will be located in relation to the corners. If the tile closest to the edge will perform, it is better to cut off part of the first to get symmetry in the corners.

A large assortment of tile glue is presented on the market. Each of the existing brands differs from the rest of its price and quality. There is only one thing in common – all types of glue dry very quickly. Therefore, during laying tiles, it is recommended to apply glue to a small area.

Apply glue with a special gear spatula. Putting the first tiles, then put the second, leaving a distance of several millimeters between them. Now on sale there are special crosses that are inserted into the seam, providing its necessary width. They are inexpensive and are most often sold in large packages. During laying, each of the tiles needs to be slightly shifted so that the glue can be distributed more evenly and more reliable to keep it on the wall. Excess glue, which performed beyond the edges of the tiles, must be removed as soon as possible with a damp sponge.

Having completed the styling, we proceed to grout of the seams. Grout is bought with tiles so that you can choose the desired shade in advance. Apply it with a rubber spatula, moving it at an angle to the surface of the tile. With this method, part of the grout may be on the surface, it is also removed with a damp sponge. Be careful and careful not to damage the seams. After the grout is applied, for some time you should wait until it dries and only then wash the entire surface with a solution of soap water.