How to choose a good multicooker hare at the right. Which slow cooker to choose

Nowadays, probably, in the desire to minimize the dimensions and the number of diverse equipment, manufacturers are increasingly offering complex multifunctional devices that replace several types of equipment at once.

Not without such innovations and in kitchen appliances and today you can choose a good multicooker that allows you to prepare a wide range of dishes. Indeed, a multicooker, which is a modernized drawing, equipped with an electronic control unit allows you to prepare a fairly solid menu in automatic mode.

This design is very convenient, in particular in that you do not need to spend time looking for a rice cooker, and then, for example, a pressure cooker. It is enough to choose a multicooker of a pressure cooker and start the sacrament of cooking different dishes. By the way, all the “sacrament” is hidden under a convenient lid, and the hostess justs load the necessary ingredients into the container, set the optimal operating mode and press the “Start” button. While the device cooks, fries, extinguishes, tomight, bakes, steams, etc., You can watch the next series of your favorite series, and the slow cooker to the signal when the dish is ready. Moreover, the degree of readiness of the dish can be determined by the device itself.

The design of the product is quite simple and consists of the lower heating unit with the heater and the working bowl located on top. On top of the bowl is closed with a special lid with a heat -refracting plate. Modern devices are equipped with a control panel for adjusting the cooking processes and LCD display for informing about the working condition of the multicooker.

Actually, before choosing a slow cooker, you should decide, first of all, with a working volume of the bowl. As a rule, today manufacturers offer products with a volume of 2 to 10 liters. In principle, you can choose the optimal volume by focusing on the maximum volume of an ordinary pan in your kitchen, in fact, the volume of the dish that is prepared in the traditional way.

The second selection criterion in order to choose the right multicooker, is the material of the bowl and the presence of anti -stick coating inside it. As a rule, manufacturers offer products with metal bowls (aluminum and other alloys). As anti -stick coating, ceramic or Teflon.

The disadvantage of the latter is low mechanical resistance. The surface can easily be damaged, which will significantly further affect the quality (and safety) of food. Ceramic coating is more resistant to minor mechanical damage, but is characterized by increased fragility. More solid (in price plan) products can have a different coating, for example, diamond spraying.

By determining which slow cooker to choose, pay attention to its design and functionality. Using a product with a bowl of equipped handles is much more pleasant and more convenient. Regarding the software, today manufacturers offer a wide selection of programs, from 5 to 15. Another pleasant addition, except for the necessary accessories, can be a book with a large number of recipes for dishes that can be prepared on this multicooker.

Good choice and pleasant appetite!