How to create a frame house from A to Z?

With new technologies in construction, frame houses are increasingly attracting attention, especially for building your own home. The construction of such a house has many advantages, especially today, when the prices for all building materials and work go off the way. The arrangement of frame houses with all the necessary amenities and household appliances also does not represent much difficulties, as well as their maintenance. The repair of washing machines Mytishchi-Service will provide at a high professional level and on time.

Where to start building a frame house?

Technologies for the construction of frame houses came to us from Europe and quickly gained popularity. We proceed to the construction of our own home, having issued all the necessary documents and creating a project of the house:

Install the foundation, better than pile-screw;

We lay the waterproofing from the roofing material, and the floor boards are laid on top;

We build a frame and walls in several stages: we build the lower strapping, install vertical boards, perform the upper strapping, fasten the ceiling beams and install additional supporting beams;

We build a roof in the same way as any other roof;

We proceed to finishing work at home: antiseptic processing, drying, OSB slabs;

After installing the windows and the front door, build the porch, sheathe the house with the selected material, then insulate the walls of the house from the inside with any heat-insulating material, simultaneously laying all the communication lines.

After lining the internal walls with drywall, internal finishing work is performed at their own request.

Frame house and life

The house built and trimmed to your liking, as a rule, is equipped with all the necessary household appliances, devices and furniture, decorate in accordance with the personal attitude.

Household appliances sometimes breaks, but the repair of washing machines Siemens will always be carried out by experts.