Hotels in caves

If you prefer a cave hotel for relaxation, this does not mean that you are some kind of person from prehistoric times. Cave hotels contribute to self -contemplation, and complete relaxation. Among 6 cave hotels, you will probably choose the one that you like.

Hotel Perivolas, Greece

Perivolas cost cost per day 541 euros. On the island of Vulcan Santorini, many hotels of caves, but the most luxurious is Perivolas. The hotel has seventeen numbers painted in white and purple. A cave in which a 300-year hotel was created. Each room has its own terrace, living room, kitchen. But there are no communications only a view of a beautiful clear sky and sea.

Hotel Museum Hotel, Türkiye

Museum Hotel The underground city of Cappadocia is similar to a fabulous one, only not magical creatures created it, but nature and time. The wind and the volcanic magma made, so that over time, an underground city was formed here. In the past, this city was a line between two warring peoples. Many nationalities fought for this place. Omer Tosum, who owns the hotel, gathered everything that was valuable for these peoples, and put up at his hotel, so he bears such a name.

Hotel Cuevas la Granja, Spain

Cuevas la Granja Hotel Coordinates: Benala de Guadix, Granada1. The cost of a number per day is 80 ts of euros.   In the past, silver was mined in these caves, and in the 19th, the Moors hid from Christians here from Christians. Now in one of these caves created the Cuevas La Granja Hotel. Each number resembles the mink of a hobbit, but the truth is stuffed with all modern, but still being there, does not leave the feeling that he got into a fairy tale.

Hotel Pineland Caves, Lebanon

Pineland Caves Cost of the number per day 285 euros.   This turbulent region, as unraveling, has such a hotel in which comfort and serenity reigns. Each stone room is very comfortable, the hotel is next to the pine forest and mountains, there is clean air and picturesque views. And very quiet. But there is one but, it is forbidden to take children here.

Hotel Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

Desert Cave Hotel Coordinates: Lot 1 Hutchison Street. The cost of the number per day is 162-v.   This hotel is located in the city of Cubert-Pedi, which has an adventurous spirit that his centuries-old history will receive. In the past there were mines in which rocks and oil were produced. Even so far, the population of this city mainly consists of miners and oil workers. The place is of course unusual, but you can relax for a variety.

Hotel Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge Cost number per day 448 euros.   This hotel is a manor of half, which is in a rock, which, thanks to the surrounding greens, can even be considered from a helicopter. It is very quiet and comfortable here. In the hotel 10 rooms. And you can rent it only, but the fewer people will be, the lower the cost of each number.