Kaleidoscope of light and color in T Hotel T Hotel. Italy – South Sardinia

This time I would like to discuss one of the attractions of Caglia, the capital of Sardinia – the hotel T Hotel. It is located only 8 kilometers from the city center and, very favorable, several main roads of the city lead to it.    What attracts tourists in this hotel? First of all, this is a convenient location. The hotel is at the very “living” point of the city – near it are historical monuments of Sardinia: the ancient Roman amphitheater, the city theater and the wonderful palace. The hotel is so successful that its guests can immediately observe not only local historical monuments, but also admire the wonderful nature and sea coast of Sardinia.

T Hotel – Italy author of the hotel project T Hotel is Marco Piva. It is thanks to his design talent that the hotel guests can relax in complete comfort, having received a lot of positive emotions and impressions. In his interior, practicality with harmony is perfectly numbered. In total, T Hotel has 205 numbers of various classes: Classic, Deluxe, Suite, T Junior and Executive Suite. All of them are harmoniously located around the central part of the hotel. In addition to chic rooms in the hotel there is a 15-story observation tower with an amazing view of the surroundings.    As for the hotel rooms, they have one interesting feature: in each room, from time to time, the color of lighting from bright orange to fiery red, from green to blue, etc. D.