Installation tips from specialists

Summer shower is a very useful and convenient thing in a summer cottage or at the house by a Zagorod. Indeed, on summer days, summer residents often bother on their beds, work in the garden, cherishing their future crop.

For many, this is a favorite thing, but still, laborious, because work on Earth is quite hard work. And so nice, in the evening, after work, along with garden dust, I would remove the fatigue of the day, standing under warm streams of water.

After all, this is not an easy hygienic procedure, but also a great way to relax and restore lost forces.

For the sake of such pleasure, you should work hard and install a summer shower on your site. If you have some construction experience, then this task will seem to you a trifle business that does not need high costs, financial plan.

To build such a structure, any building materials are suitable, but if there are no one in the farm, then you will need a little to purchase them, because the shower booth should not have too much area.

Choose the location of the summer shower for the summer cottage

The main thing is to choose a good place for building, it is better that it be open, solar territory, since solar heat can warm up water for you, completely free, which will also save a little on electricity.

Also, it is desirable that this structure stands on a certain hill, so the water can easily drain down.

The drainage basis for the used water also needs to create some conditions. Under the future shower, a certain recess is made, which provides for the glass.

Then, under a slight inclination, it is necessary to put a plastic or iron pipe of a sufficiently large dimeter.

On it, dirty water should fall into the waste pit.

Equipping the pit, you should also adhere to some rules.

– The size of the waste pit should twice the volume of a water barrel selected for the summer shower.

– The bottom of the pit should be strewn with any material suitable for this such as: slag, sand, gravel.

– The walls of the pit can be made of concrete rings, or laid out with brick.

– In order to safely, you need to provide a cover for a pit, or cover it with any other way.

Since children or pets can please there.

DIY Summer Shower: Build the Cabin itself

First. You need to start building a shower from the frame, the basis of which are four pillars. Pillars are dug up firmly into the ground and concrete.

Second. Then the entire frame of strong horizontal is created, which is still necessary to connect the pillars. Lastly, walls are attached.

Third. The walls of such a home -made “shower cabin” can be made of anything suitable for this building materials: boards, slate, plastic, polycarbonate, tin.

Install the water tank

First. The water tank is installed on the roof, a crane with a shower watering can be connected to it. Water can reach the desired temperature in two ways.

Second. The first option is to wait for hot weather, when the sun itself warms the water in the tank, so that the luminary is easier to do it, it is desirable to install a flat -shaped tank.

Third. Another option, if you do not want to wait for mercy from nature, for heating water, you will need to install Tena if you do not have skills in this matter, turn to knowledgeable people for help, since reliability and safety are important here.

Fourth. Water should be supplied to the tank through the hose, otherwise you need to yourself be poured there by buckets, which is quite problematic and difficult.

Internal content

For the floor of the booth you can use a shield knocked from boards or wooden grill. Interior wall decoration is the taste of everyone.

That’s all the tricks. Pleasant water procedures for you.