How to independently design and build a house

It should be noted that during the construction of the house, the main task is to solve the issue of how to optimize labor costs and correctly distribute responsibilities between all construction participants. The savings of not only funds, but also forces are very important, so that you can enjoy the results of the work. Having successfully solved this problem, you will be satisfied not only with the long -awaited result of hard work, but also by the very process of building a building.

When the house is built, any trifle that was missed during construction may have a negative impact on its further operation. The construction of houses does not accept the rules “maybe it will work out”. As experience shows, in construction, as a rule, this turns into a loud collapse. Several important aspects of construction should be noted.

Home design is the most important stage that you should carefully think over before building a house. You must take into account the location of the house and auxiliary buildings on the territory of the site, taking into account the advantages of the local landscape for this building. It is very important to at least approximately imagine the main zones of the future landscape on the ground around the estate.

It is advisable to finish the construction of a box of the house, in particular, to complete the construction of the roof before the winter season comes. Firstly, this can adversely affect the state of the foundation, which later will need to be seriously repairing. In addition, a house without a roof can simply fall apart. Also, the complexity of construction work in the winter season increases due to the fact that technologies of “winter” construction are becoming more complex and expensive.

The project should not be exhausted by a planning drawing. A construction drawing executed within the construction qualification of the developer is required. It is advisable to consult with a specialist.

A significant advantage of life in a private house is a system of autonomous communications. At the design stage, it is advisable to resolve the issue of providing your home with all available amenities.

When engaging in the construction of the house “on the basis of self -building”, you must especially strictly adhere to the safety rules of the work. Remember that you are fully responsible for the health of people who participate in construction on your territory. It also applies to fire safety rules – you must ensure their strict implementation.

On the advice of professionals, the construction of the fence around the house is extremely desirable. He must protect the house from uninvited guests. Of course, tools and building materials will be expensive if they need to buy them twice.

Before starting the construction of the house, you should provide it with electricity and draw up the relevant documents for its application. It will not be superfluous to bring the ways of the entrance for equipment in advance.

Today, the question of the appropriate foundation of the building is striving to solve in favor of the pile type, which is more effective than strip.

A great variety of wall materials gives the ground for choosing a specific type of building materials. If possible, you can effectively use prefabricated reinforced concrete. This is the most economical option, for example, if there is a plant of reinforced concrete structures nearby. Economical options also include the use of slag blocks. A little more expensive will cost a brick. Most likely – silicate. Crossings can be made of prefabricated reinforced concrete or wooden.

In a good situation, the box of the house can be performed for two weeks when using a brigade of 3-5 people.

We should not forget that when the house has already been built, you must take certain measures to protect it (for example, the establishment of alarm or house insurance).