How to make a room visually more

In a big city, it is difficult to find a place for yourself, corresponding simultaneously your desires and your financial capabilities. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford a house or spacious apartments. Therefore, people with all their might strive to equip the space available to them as best as possible and use it effectively. In this case, it will be useful to talk about an increase in its living space at least visually.

At that moment when, having shouted the room with a gaze and realizing that there is nothing to move and throw out, you should pay attention to wallpaper and gender. For visual expansion of the area, wallpaper of light tones are suitable: beige, white, sand. It is better to choose sexual coating from the same color scheme, but darker so that there is no drainage of colors like in a hospital ward.

The window also plays an important role. The larger the window, the more the room will seem. The air conditioner can also be located above the window. However, everything is not always clear with the reasons for the covering of the window air conditioner with ice.

An important role is played by lighting. Light is a friend of small squares. The chandelier should be raised high to the ceiling, it is worth abandoning beautifully hanging “icicles” and spirals. The light is bright, directed to each corner of the room. On the chests of drawers or shelves you can place lamps, floor floor lamps take up a lot of space. Daylight should be taken as much as possible into the room without blocking the window with a heavy tulle or plants. Sveta will also add an aquarium that creates additional coziness.

If we talk separately about the curtains, it is best to install the cornice along the entire wall with the window and hang a beautiful air tulle in the floor on it. The room will acquire an additional height.

Pay attention to furniture. Preference is given to light beech and maple. If the room has an old cabinet, it can be glued with beautiful murals suitable in color scheme. It is also worth adding mirrors, they reflect the light and expand the space. Just not too much – this is not a dance studio.

As a result, without changing the actual size of the room, it is possible to visually make it more and more spacious.