About the sights of the city of Rome

Rome is the capital of one of the most beautiful countries – Italy. There are a huge number of old monuments in Rome, through which you can easily tell about the history of not only Italy itself, but also Europe as a whole.    The city of Rome is located on seven hills. The climate in the country is hot and dry. The maximum hot weather lasts in July and August.    There are many restaurants and taverns throughout the city of Rome. Italian cuisine is very refined and original. Also on the streets of Rome you can see fountains with drinking water from which you can drink.

Rome – Italy with regard to attractions, Rome is full of them. The most popular place for tourists is the Colosseum. Many visitors immediately come to him to admire such a great historical heritage. A Roman forum is located near the Coliseum – this is 22 architectural monuments. A sacred road goes through it, going to the Capitol Hill. These ruins can tell a lot about the history and culture of Italy of those times.    Rome is generally famous for its beautiful fountains. In all the environs of the city, you can see many exquisitely performed fountains (Trevi fountain, Aesopa marble fairy tale, etc. D.).    In addition to tourists’ fountains in Rome, majestic castles can also be surprised. For example, the Castle of the Holy Angel. Of course the superiority and beauty that the castle was famous for at that time can no longer be returned. But according to the remaining ruins of the castle, you can enjoy that ancient era with great superiority.    Rome is a city with an interesting history, so there are always a lot of new and exciting for tourists here.