Nine popular countries

Each country is unique and famous for some kind of feature inherent only or takes up places in world ratings in various indicators. Only by visiting the next nine countries you can form your own opinion, and then agree with the results of scientists’ research or to question them.

The happiest country in the world is Columbia

Colombia is primarily famous for its unique cuisine and the level of spiritual education of people. The results of the recently published study showed that the Colombians are almost twice than the rest of the other people in the world. The South American country received the title of “global barometer of hope and happiness”.

The most “hot” country is Greece

According to Durex trademark ratings, Greece heads a list of countries that have sex more often than others. As many as 87% of the residents of Greece, they said they have sex at least once a week. Then there is a Brazil, in which the percentage of surveyed in the same category is 5% less.

The most pessimistic country is France

France is a fashion legislator, the birthplace of many most popular European dishes, as well as the best wine producer in the world. However, as studies have shown, the French do not appreciate what they have and lead the rating of the most pessimistic world nations.

The cleanest country is Iceland

As a result of studies in which 163 countries took part, Iceland was officially recognized as the purest. 25 indicators were estimated, among them the quality of air, water, the amount of gas impurities in the air and from the environment.

The country that offers women the best conditions for living is New Zealand

In the course of research, two aspects of a woman’s life were evaluated: family and work. It turned out that in business women occupy the same high positions as men. Motherhood is very appreciated here – women get very large childcare allowances. What cannot be said about South Korea and Japan, which occupy the last places in the list of countries, whose female population lives easier for.

The most peaceful country in the world is Iceland

The concept of the world is difficult to determine, and even harder to measure. However, since 2006, Iceland has been considered a country where the world reigns without any violence.

The most educated country is Canada

According to studies, Canada occupies first place in education in the world. More than half of the inhabitants of this country have higher education.

The most inhospitable country is Bolivia

Our impressions of the trip are formed not only on the basis of what we visited, but on the basis of how local residents accept us in a country. And sometimes there is a feeling that local residents are not at all happy to come to our arrival. The first place among such countries is occupied by Bolivia. The following in the lists are Venezuela and Russia. The most hospitable – Iceland, New Zealand and Morocco.

The richest country is Qatar

This little Arabic country took first place in the list of the richest countries of the world, published by Forbes magazine. Then comes Luxembourg. The fact that Qatar took the first position is not surprising, because these places are very rich in oil and natural gas.