Mini-excursion to the country of Slovakia

Slovakia begins with the mountains of the tatra and spreads to the plains, canyons, caves and meadows. The country of Slovakia became independent in 1993, as a result of the famous velvet divorce, and today is one of the most popular tourist spaces of Central Europe. Family vacations, balneological and ski resorts are part of the tourist proposals of Slovakia. Its main cities are considered: Bratislava, Kositz, Zhilin, Prav.

The attractions of Slovakia

Culturally and historically rich country in Slovakia offers many objects that will capture the attention of tourists who came here. The most popular are:

Historical Center, Castle and National Gallery of Bratislava;

The famous destroyed castle Devin, located 9 kilometers from the capital;

The untouched medieval walls of the city of Trnava, which was the administrative center of the Hungarian church in the 16th, 17th centuries;

Gothic cathedral, which contains the relics of the 10th century, and the palace of the city of Nitra;

The National Park is small in Fatra, where many wild animals live;

The Church of St. Jacob, the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Martin and the castle Spy in the picturesque region Spees;

The fortress city Levoka, which in the 13th century was the rich capital of the Saxons Union;

The resort “Water City” (Aqua City) in the Plaman, which offers several thermal pools;

Andrashi mausoleum in Krasn Gorka;

Geyser Gerlaany (Herlany), northeast of the Kositsa;

Liptovska Mara (Liptovska Mara), Orava (Orava), Zemplinska Shirava (Zemplinska Sirava), where you can relax in nature;

Bardejovske Kupele, Dudince (Dudince), Pisagtyani (Piestany) – equipped ski resorts.

National cuisine of Slovakia

Bryndzove Halusky is a national dish of Slovakia. These are cabbage rolls with potatoes, salty feta cheese and fried ham. From drinks, Slovaks prefer Vinea-grape juice and kofola-a drink that resembles Coca-Cola. Produces the country of Slovakia and alcoholic drinks: Slivovica – plum, Hruskovica – moonshine from pears, demanovka – liquor, borovicka – gin.

Weather in Slovakia

The warmest months in Slovakia are July and August (up to 27 degrees), and January (about 0) is considered the coldest (about 0). The mountainous areas with which the country of Slovakia is rich in in winter are covered with snow, which remains for 4-5 months, and the temperature can drop here to 10 degrees of frost. In the summer in the tatra is cooler than on the plains (up to 22 degrees), which contributes to environmental tourism.