How to assemble a gypsum cardboard ceiling

When the question of repairing the ceiling arises, then, first of all, horrors come before the eyes in the form of heaps of garbage, dirt and other troubles associated with the cleaning of the old coating, hiding the cracks and irregularities, plastering, grin and other. Therefore, the most successful version of a stretch or suspended ceiling will be. Now the question arises of how to assemble the ceiling from drywall correctly.

In rooms with low ceilings, the first option will be the best, although it is considered expensive pleasure. The suspended ceiling in terms of value is more democratic, and when compared with whitewashing and painting, then it is preferable.

Plasterboard can be evenly aligned by the ceiling and at the same time you do not need to suffer and spend strength on washing the old nabel or removing multi -layer paint. Here you need to know everything about the attachment of drywall to the ceiling. In addition to the practical task, the suspended ceiling also performs aesthetic. The main thing is to know how to collect a drywall ceiling. For example, using the lamps built into it, you can zone the room.

The design made of drywall should be strong, and all its supporting parts and details should be as reliably attached to the base. The installation of a suspended ceiling is carried out in several stages. First you need to determine the zero level.

The starting UD-profile using dowels every 400 mm is attached to the perimeter relative to this level. Then it is necessary to mark the ceiling for the main supporting CD profiles. To do this, draw parallel lines at a distance from each other into half a sheet of drywall (about 1250 mm) – this means that the drywall will be attached to the supporting CD profiles along the edges and the middle of the sheet.

Harshes are attached to these lines with a distance of 400mm from each other. Now, having basic knowledge, how to collect a gypsum plasterboard ceiling, installation of a metal profile structure is made, to which facing material will be attached. The supporting CD profiles are inserted into the starting frame through the suspensions, and are attached to them using self-tapping screws. After that, the marking of longitudinal CD profiles is made, which are inserted between the guides at a distance of 500 mm.

It is necessary to ensure that the ends of the longitudinal profiles do not fall into the joints of the guides with suspensions. The connection of longitudinal profiles with the guides is made by special crabs. After the installation of the load -bearing metal structure is over, you can start installing drywall, which is attached with a step of 200 mm to the frame for metal self -tapping screws.

Drywall sheets are stacked in a checkerboard pattern, this is the best option for protection against cracks. The joints are filled with putty, and a sickle is glued over them. After that, the seams are primed and putty. So you know how to assemble a gypsum cardboard ceiling correctly and quickly enough.