Alanya as a tourist and resort center

The tourist and resort center located on the coast of Antalya has high comfort, sufficient for a long time uses glory among tourists. Alanya is a city spreading on the slopes of the Toros mountains, which is surrounded by many citrus gardens. It was washed by azure Mediterranean Sea, where you can not only relax well, but also enjoy the history of ancient Turkey.   More than eleven kilometers of the beach strip, a wonderful vacation, both on the water and in numerous hotels and hotels. You can choose a resting place from chic and expensive apartments, to no less cozy, but inexpensive boarding houses. In the recreation area there is a majority of the old city with numerous historical monuments of different centuries.

Alanya Beach Cleopatra is very popular among many tourists. The beach received this name back in 37 BC, after the gift of the city of Alania, the Roman emperor Mark Anthony of the Egyptian Queen. All historians unanimously repeat that such a gift was caused by an endless love for the queen.   If you are traveling for a family vacation, then the east coast is very good. Here is a sandy beach mixed with pebbles, as well as good shallow water for children.

Alanya, regardless of social status, any tourist will receive a qualitative spectrum of entertainment from the resort of Alania. There is an opportunity to engage in windsurfing, fly on a boat with a parachute, study the sea depths, as well as conduct various walks on the water, many excursions and much more. Extreme sports, such as mountaineering or rafting, also begin to gain great popularity.   The most striking entertainment for the fairer sex is shopping. Any woman will be delighted with shopping in Alania, since all eastern countries have long been famous for their bazaars. Many shops will offer you a huge selection of goods from a variety of souvenirs, to handmade jewelry. Alanya is played by the cultural program of the resort. Museums work, a huge number of excursions in historical places and archaeological monuments are organized for tourists. One of the attractions of Alania is the Red Tower, which in ancient times, served to control the port, it has an ethnographic museum with a large number of exhibits.   Rightfully, Alania is one of the most beautiful city on Earth, it is worth visiting this resort at least once, and you yourself will make sure that it is a city of rest, unforgettable impressions and fun.