How to reduce noise in your home

Residents of houses located in areas of increased noise often complain about the lack of a good rest, while arguing that their apartments are insulated enough from external noise. The roar of engines of passing trucks even penetrates through the walls and double windows.

Thus, the question arises, what can be advised to people on this issue?

Many factors affect the level of sound within the building, so first we will deal with the problems of sound absorption that do not require repairs or window alterations.

When analyzing the measurements of extraneous noise into the dwelling, it turned out that furniture, cladding of walls, glass of windows sometimes serve as a kind of resonators, enhancing a similar frequency of small noise. Remember how the dishes in the sideboard responding to almost imperceptible vibrations from a passing car. Let’s first move the back of the bed from the wall and put rubber gaskets under the legs. The result of your work will please the first night.

Next factor: does your bedroom have really sound insulation? Blinds on the window insufficient noise protection. Hang thick curtains on the windows, put a dense fluffy carpet on the floor, and your vacation will become more full. After complementing the interior of the bedroom furniture, you will extinguish some more unnecessary decibels. Perhaps not everyone will like a similar style, but its use is dictated by the very need.

The ideal solution will be the sheathing of the walls and ceiling of the bedrooms with sheets of drywall with a layer of glass wool or basalt wool, which will reduce to 80% of the noise background (Baswul is also a great option for heat – and sound insulation of the house).

Perhaps carpet coatings and curtains are not consistent with your aesthetic tastes, but the use of certain noise reduction technologies is contraindicated for other reasons. We note, first of all, their high cost, and by letting sound -absorbing fillers, resins, synthetic coatings in your home for a long time, and it may constantly breathe in the unknown of the evaporation and products of the decomposition of polymers. In addition, their effectiveness is not fully proven.

A significant plus to your sound insulation will be used by three chamber plastic windows manufactured at the enterprise with a serious technological base. Double -glazed windows from a semi -custive workshop, even at an affordable price, your hopes will not be justified. Order not metal frames, but made of vinyl, fiberglass or high -quality wood. When installing windows by specialists, follow the progress of work, in order to avoid simplification of the operation and prevent, even small, shortcomings.

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