Country Greece

Among tourists there is an opinion that “there is everything in Greece”! In fact, it is. Great nature, fascinating the eyes of architectural buildings, a fascinating story – all this characterizes the country as well as possible.

One of the favorite places of tourists is blue caves. You can get there only on small boats with conductors. Caves will struck you with their grace and unusual beauty. When visiting this mysterious place, a bunch of bright emotions occurs. The rocks protrude above the surface of the water and form peculiar arches through which the rays of the sun pass.

Want to test your fate? Then you need to visit a minotaurus maze. So in Greece they call the Knossos Palace. Although it has not yet been proven that the Minotaur lived here. This mythological historical structure attracts a large number of tourists with its mystery.

Greek beaches will appeal to all lovers of beach holidays. Warm sand in combination with sea water is all that you need for a peaceful rest on the beach.

National cuisine of Greece

For cooking, the Greeks use only the latest and highest quality products. Spices are used very carefully, their principle: “It is better not to report than to overdo it.”.

Locals prefer family dinners and dinners. The Greeks love to eat deliciously, their meals, it happens, drag on for several hours.

The national cuisine of the Greeks is rich in the gifts of the sea: octopuses, lobsters, shrimp and, of course, a wide variety of fish. Often on the table there are lamb ribs in the sauce, calf and pork chips, which are prepared according to a special recipe on coals. No meal is without salads.  

Love the Greeks to drink coffee. They prepare it according to a special recipe: they beat cold soluble coffee with milk. Also in any store you can purchase Greek delicacies: baklava, puff pies with jam and custard, cadihi and various jams.

Climate of Greece

The country is dominated by the Mediterranean climate. Here is a very hot summer. During the summer heat, the air temperature can reach +32 s. Rains in the summer – a rare phenomenon, mainly all days sunny and hot.

Winter, relative to summer, cool and wet. The average temperature in winter ranges about +10 s. On the slopes of the Mount Olympus usually lies a small layer of snow.

The best period for bathing is the time from May to the end of the month of the month.

It is best to visit tourists to visit the country either in the spring or autumn.